Road, Rail.

Structures, Networks, Geological, Geotechnical

Water Supply, Irrigation, Dams, Drainage, Sewage, Wastewater Treatment

Risk / Impact Assessment, Planning, Management, Monitoring, Modeling.

Quality Strategy

Main Principle

We take pride in the quality of services we provide to our clients. This is achieved by: .


exploring the best alternative conceptual design solutions under the firm guidance and supervision of our technical leaders


elaborating our designs in-house by our capable, experienced and highly educated engineers equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software tools


maintaining a strict internal review process prior to delivering our work to our clients.

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Quality Strategy

Key Elements


We are fast in identifying the evolvements in our profession and we continually follow engineering science developments and explore new ideas in engineering problem-solving, planning and design.


We believe in a seamless “designer/consultant – client” partnership that brings both parties together into one unit. We collaborate with our clients so that, in each and every project, their specific perspectives are combined with our own expertise in order to ensure the best end product.


Even if the first try is a success, we believe that continuous analysis and adjustment helps us improve the quality of our design product.


From the conceptual stage to construction, our integrated teams employ experience and innovative / state of the art solutions in order to deliver the best technical alternative in terms of quality and cost to our clients.

User Benefit

The public being the end-user of our product, we provide with innovative, practical, cost effective and environmentally friendly engineering solutions to complex problems. Our results-driven approach guides every aspect of our work from the design concept to construction.

Main Activities

Engineering Designs and Studies
Technical Consultancy Services
Project Management
Construction Supervision



On - Time. On - Budget.

Commitment to delivering projects on-time and on-budget.


Top Quality Services

Secure project cost-benefit optimization by providing top quality services at competitive rates.


Tailor - Made

Tailor-made and client-oriented solutions to complex construction projects.


Complete Range

Complete range of engineering disciplines.


Multinational Collaborations

Strong international presence & accumulated experience in multinational collaborations.


Technical Know-How

Multidisciplinary problem solving with extensive technical know-how.


Perfect Team

Tight coordination and management of our Perfect Team.


Scientific Knowledge

Top grade technological resources and “state of the art” scientific knowledge.


Extensive Experience

Extensive experience in engineering design and consultancy for projects in the sectors of transport, water & environment.